2015 Spring Tour to the Vale of Glamorgan Results


“Gorringe wins the Spring Tour Trophy after months out with injury”

The weather was excellent for the MGS Spring Tour at the Vale of Glamorgan GC near Cardiff in Sunny Wales.  Upfront a big thank you goes to Phil Herbert who again organised a fabulous and extremely good value tour where we were very well looked after by all the staff at the Golf Course and at the associated hotel – well done Phil.

Three rounds of very competitive golf were held over 3 days.  Two rounds on the par 73 Wales National and one on the par 72 Lakes course with water in play on 12 of the 18 holes. Kev Weaver was determined to retain the trophy he had won in 2014 at the Foxhills GC in Surrey.

Day 1:

Following a painless early Sunday morning drive down we tee’d off at just after 1pm to be faced with an opening two holes ranked as stroke index 3 and 1 on the Wales National Course!!!

On a beautiful and calm day the leaders after day one were:-

Place Player Score
First Andy “burning the course up ” Tippett 38
Second Tim “not sure if I can play but will give it a go” Gorringe 35
Third Andy “ I’m 1.9 miles away but 6 miles in the car” Bishop 34

Andy “Tips” Tippett proving the bookies were right with them having him down as favourite after finishing in the top two at his last two outings:  second at the last MGS society day at Hever and winning the charity Lewis FC golf day on the Friday preceding the tour – the man in form.

We also learnt checking in to the hotel that Brian was called “chez” as a lad as his second name is pronounced “chez”mur rather than “cheese”mur .   Now we all know!

Tips, Bish and Barry were so pleased with their starting round that they were dancing in their room until 3am when the night porter visited and asked them to stop as he had received complaints from the other guests!

Day 2:

The aptly named Lakes course faced the 14 strong MGS society on the Monday with a 9.40am start on another dry and calm day.  The days results were as follows:-

Place Player Score
First Tim “the handicap cut now hurts more than my knee and foot” Gorringe 36
Second Barry “I got dressed for golf in the dark” Browning 35
Third Jerry “I am not a big fan of whips!!” Watkiss 33

In addition the following were competed for:

Nearest the Pin Won by Andy Tippett
Longest Drive Won by Barry Browning

Aristotle in 380BC after developing his initial interest in anatomy and biology prophesied “beware of the injured golfer.”  That prophesy proved to be true with Tim “the injured golfer” now having two stonking rounds under his belt and a lead of 6 shots over a chasing pack and the “movers and shakers” on day 2 of Barry, Kev, Jerry, Tips, Peter and Mike S . Tim was thus cut 5 shots as any sympathy with his wounded soldier stories had worn off.

The afternoon consisted of a number of players enjoying the leisure and spa facilities at the hotel, a number taking an afternoon nap, some catching up on work, Dave S & Mike S breaking open a bottle of gin and Bish checking in to room 1 at Milf house as the Vale Resort was full on the Monday night.

It also transpired that certain society members had twin rooms and others had cosy double sparking memories of Morecambe and Wise!!

Messrs Stocker and Sellence!?

Messrs Stocker and Sellence!?

Day 3:

Breakfast saw Jerry Watkiss and Micky Mann both “dummy and glide past” Sam Warburton the Welsh Rugby Union captain to secure the last two fried eggs at the breakfast buffet – it was a joy to see as Sam had a 30 metre start.  Sam said “I have never seen two Englishmen move so fast”

The final day saw us return to the Wales National course on a bright but windy day in more ways than one!  Additionally, to the wind the final groups had the added pressure of being followed by a number of quick “twoballs” in buggies – never a nice experience!

The final day results were as follows:-

Place Player Score
First Micky “I’ll have a Strongbow” Mann 37
Second David “wasn’t it windy today” Howroyd 35
Third Phil “good vouchers and nice table wine“ Herbert 31

In addition the following were competed for:

Nearest the Pin Won by Mike Sellence
Longest Drive Won by Micky Mann

David Howroyd stormed up the leaderboard with 23 points on his card after just 8 holes – “what a start.”  David’s final 10 holes were then very solid but less inspired.

Phil Herbert playing with David quietly put together a very good and solid round – but too little too late in terms of the overall competition.

In the next group Micky Mann had put in a real charge and was playing “with freedom” and put a strong 37 points on the board for the leaders and chasing pack to think about.


The freshly polished Spring Tour Trophy was at stake and that one that really mattered. The final results checked and double checked were as follows:-

Place Player Score Day 1
Wales National
Score Day 2
Score Day 3
Wales National
Total Score
1st Tim Gorringe 35 36 25 96
2nd Micky Mann 28 28 37 93
3rd Kev Weaver 33 31 28 92
=4th Jerry Watkiss 30 33 24 87
=4th Peter Cudmore 32 28 27 87
6th Barry Browning 30 35 20 85
7th Mike Sellence 30 27 25 82
8th David Howroyd 25 21 35 81
9th Andy Bishop 34 27 19 80
10th Phil Herbert 26 21 31 78
=10th Andy Tippett 38 24 16 78
12 Captain Fred Ablitt 25 25 26 76
13 Brian “Chez” Cheesmur 23 26 19 68
14 Dave “gin” Stocker 22 18 22 60
Average 29.35 27.14 25.28  81.64

Captain Fred and Vice-Captain Peter presented the trophy to a delighted Tim “Tom” Gorringe.

An excellent, enjoyable and very well run event by Phil “Hon Sec” Herbert as always.