Handicap Secretary Report 2015

My first year looking after the handicaps.

The highest scoring event during the year was at Seaford where the average score was 37.18. The lowest scoring event was Piltdown with an average of just 26.19. The overall average stableford point score for the season was 31.17. It was pleasing to see that the silverware for the year was distributed evenly across the membership. Both of the above probably suggest the handicap system is about right despite all its faults.

That said I feel the handicaps are generally a little generous and I will look to adjust them for next season and I am more than happy to take your official course handicap in to account in doing this.

Thanks to Jerry, Phil & Captain Fred for helping out during the year with the cards. Also worth mentioning the website orchestrated by Mr Watkiss which keeps members abreast of events, tee time draws in advance(where we can do that) and the very latest results.


Trophy Winner(s)
Golfer of the Year Clive Butler
Society Strokeplay Championship Kevin Weaver
Society Stableford Competition David Howroyd
Captain’s Day Trophy Fred Ablitt
Autumn Cup Andy Tippett
Spring Cup Tim Gorringe
Mad March Jugs John Collingwood & Pat Layen
Winter Four ball pairs Comp Micky Mann & Jerry Watkiss
Last Chance Trophy Ray Hamilton


Individual Winners 2015

Month Course Individual Winner Score Runner Up Score
Jan-15 Pyecombe Clive Butler 48 Ken Wapling 37
Feb-15 East Brighton Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert 37 Pat Layen 35
Mar-15 Sweetwoods Peter Cudmore* 40 John Collingwood* 37
Apr-15 Hever Mike Sellence 38 Andy Tippett 35
Apr-15 Vale of Glamorgan Welsh National Andy Tippett 38 Tim Gorringe 35
Apr-15 Vale of Glamorgan Lakes Course Tim Gorringe 36 Barry Browning 35
Apr-15 Vale of Glamorgan Welsh National Micky Mann 37 David Howroyd 35
Spring Tour Overall Winner Tim Gorringe 96 Micky Mann 93
May-15 Mid- Sussex Brian Day 42 Captain Fred Ablitt 42
Jun-15 Singing Hills (Captain’s Day) Captain Fred Ablitt 38 Tim Gorringe 36
Jul-15 Westerham (Strokeplay Championship) Kevin Weaver 73 Carl Valentine 73
Jul-15 Westerham (Stapleford Shield) David Howroyd 37 Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert 37
Aug-15 Seaford Head GC Pat Layen 43 Chris Buck 43
Sep-15 Chartham Park Kevin Weaver 40 Micky Mann 40
Oct-15 Mar Menor (Spain) Micky Mann 50 Tim Gorringe 35
Oct-15 La Torre (Spain) Micky Mann 34 Andy Bishop 27
Oct-15 El Valle (Spain Andy Tippett 33 Dave Stocker 26
Oct-15 Haciendra (Spain) Barry Browning 29 Clive Butler 27
Oct-15 Mar Menor (Spain) Tim Gorringe 34 Andy Bishop 32
Autumn Tour Overall Winner Andy Tippett 109 Micky Mann 108
Oct-15 Piltdown Kevin Weaver 36 Carl Valentine 33
Nov-15 Willingdon Andy Bishop* 40 Alan Bond * 38
Dec -15 Dewlands Ray Hamilton 25 Ken Wapling 24

Including the tour matches we had 15 different winners during the year. Kevin Weaver had an exceptional year winning three times (twice on count back)


TEAM Winners 2015

Month Course Team Winners Score
Jan-15 Pyecombe Clive Butler, Brian Day, Andy Tippett & Jerry Watkiss 107
Feb-15 East Brighton Clive Butler, Tony Bruce & Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert 88
Mar-15 Sweetwoods (Mad March Hares) John Collingwood & Pat Layen 110
Apr-15 Hever Paul Hillman, Malc Staplehurst & Ken Wapling 75
May-15 Mid- Sussex Alan Bond, Clive Butler, Andy Tippett & Carl Valentine 130
Jun-15 Singing Hills (Texas Scramble) Micky Mann. Chris Buck, Ray Hamilton -4
Singing Hills (Stableford) Clive Butler, Capt Fred Ablit and Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert ** 76
Aug-15 Seaford Head GC (Stableford) Andy Tippet, Ash Head, Dave Stocker and Brian Chesmuir 92
Seaford Head GC (Texas Scramble) Pat Layen, Chris Buck and Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert -6
Sep-15 Chartham Park Andy Tippett, Andy Bishop, Micky Mann & Jerry Watkiss 91
Oct-15 Piltdown Derek James, Derek Coppard & Phil (Hon Sec) Herbert 76
Nov-15 Willingdon Andy Bishop & Alan Bond 78
Dec-15 Dewlands (Texas Scramble) Greg Wapling, Ken Wapling, David Howroyd & Jerry Watkiss -2
Dec-15 Dewlands (Stableford) Ray Hamilton, Tim Gorringe, Andy Bishop & Micky Mann 72
** No team could win both team prizes on Captain’s day – so second place awarded prize  


Phil Hon Sec Herbert was the man to be drawn with as he was on the winning team 4 times! Chris Buck being the Texas Scramble champion being on the winning team at two events this year.


MGS Apperances & Averages

Most Appearances (Excluding Spring and Autumn Tours) +   Best Average all appearances and scores averaged +
Player Appearances   Player Average
ABLITT Fred 10 SELLENCE, Mike 35.67
HERBERT, Phil 10 HEAD, Ashley 35.00
BUTLER Clive 9 LAYEN, Pat 34.86
CHEESMUR, Brian 9 HOWROYD David 34.75
MANN Michael 9 COLLINGWOOD, John 34.50
STOCKER Dave 9 CUDMORE Peter 34.50
TIPPETT, Andy 9 BUTLER Clive 33.78
BOND, Alan 8 WEAVER, Kevin 33.60
BRUCE, Tony 8 HAMILTON, Ray 33.50
DAY  Brian 8 GOULDING, Frank 33.00
WAPLING, Ken 8 MANN Michael 33.00
LAYEN, Pat 7 VALENTINE Carl 33.00
WATKISS Jerry 7 ABLITT Fred 32.90
BISHOP, Andy 6 GORRINGE, Tim 32.20
CUDMORE Peter 6 TIPPETT, Andy 32.11
STAPLEHURST, Malc 6 COPPARD, Derek 32.00
BUCK, Chris 5 WATKISS Jerry 32.00
GORRINGE, Tim 5 HERBERT, Phil 31.80
WEAVER, Kevin 5 BISHOP, Andy 31.50
BROWNING, Barry  4 MARCHANT, Nick 31.00
HILLMAN, Paul 4 WEAVERS, Rob 30.25
HOWROYD David 4 BUCK, Chris 30.20
JAMES Derek 4 CHEESMUR, Brian 30.11
WEAVERS, Rob 4 BOND, Alan 29.50
SELLENCE, Mike 3 DAY  Brian 29.25
GOULDING, Frank 2 WAPLING, Ken 29.13
HAMILTON, Ray 2 HILLMAN, Paul 28.25
HEAD, Ashley 2 JAMES Derek 28.00
MARCHANT, Nick 2 WAPLING, Greg 27.50
WAPLING, Greg 2 BRUCE, Tony 26.75
COPPARD, Derek 1 BROWNING, Barry  22.50

+ Excludes Dewlands December 2015


MGS PLayer of the Year & 40 POINT plus club 2015

Player of the year 2015 40 point plus club 2015
Player Best 4 rounds total for year Name Points Course
BUTLER Clive 158 BUTLER Clive 48 Pyecombe
ABLITT Fred 151 BUCK, Chris 43 Seaford Head
TIPPETT, Andy 151 LAYEN, Pat 43 Seaford Head
HERBERT, Phil 150 ABLITT Fred 42 Mid-Sussex
LAYEN, Pat 148 DAY  Brian 42 Mid-Sussex
MANN Michael 144 VALENTINE Carl 42 Mid-Sussex
VALENTINE Carl 144 STOCKER Dave 41 Seaford Head
CUDMORE Peter 143 TIPPETT, Andy 41 Seaford Head
WEAVER, Kevin 142 SELLENCE, Mike 40 Mid-Sussex
STOCKER Dave 140 CUDMORE Peter 40 Sweetwoods
HOWROYD David 139 HERBERT, Phil 40 Seaford Head
WATKISS Jerry 139 WEAVER, Kevin 40 Chartham Park
BISHOP, Andy 138 BISHOP, Andy 40 Willingdon
WAPLING, Ken 138 MANN Michael 40 Chartham Park
CHEESMUR, Brian 136      
DAY  Brian 136  
GORRINGE, Tim 135  
BOND, Alan 132  
BUCK, Chris 126  
BRUCE, Tony 124  
WEAVERS, Rob 121  
HILLMAN, Paul 113  
JAMES Derek 112  
BROWNING, Barry  90  


Congratulations to Clive Butler – his 48 points at Pyecombe made the big difference in an otherwise very tight competition