Spring Tour Course update

Update on courses:

Sun 28 Apr 19 – Les Golfs d’Hardelot (https://www.hardelotgolfclub.com) – Les Pins (Parcours or Course to you lot!)

Mon 29 Apr 19 – Le Golf de Belle Dune (http://www.baiedesomme.fr/lieu/1-11-golf-de-belle-dune)

Tues 30 Apr 19 – Le Golf de Wimereux (http://www.golf-wimereux.com/)

Belle Dune is a known favourite of MGS members while Hardelot Pins and Wimereux are both in the Top 100 Golf Courses in France – obvious choices to suit our prestigious membership who are clearly top people!

For those who are unaware, Wimereux is literally only 15 to 20 minutes to the Eurotunnel at Coquelles.  This makes it a perfect venue for a round and time for some lunch before the return home.  For those who might want to grab some vino, cheese or other French delicacies before the return there are Hypermarkets within easy distance and on the way to the tunnel.

Finally, for all the top people aforementioned – I look forward to receiving your thanks personally next Friday at the Middle House bar!