Nigel Burnett wins the Anniversary Trophy with a fine round of golf at the societies first ever outing to Highwoods Golf Club

A pleasing turnout of 22 MGS members attended the societies first outing to Highwoods on a lovely late summer’s day.   The course was overall good although it received mixed reviews from attendees with a number of member’s raving about it and others disappointed with the patchy fairways and differing speed greens – Micky Mann and Kevin Leftley for example found the downhill putts much faster than the uphill ones and of course they blamed the speed of the greens and their putters for this – it certainly could not have been user error.  The average stableford score for the day was 29.5 the second lowest of the year reflecting a day of at times unnecessary hard work to put a decent score together! A number of us would like to return say in the Spring to see the course at its best and with the benefit of a bit of course “know how” gained from this venture to hopefully play it a little better.

It was also again good to have a socially distanced pint after the round and an informal prize giving with Captain James avoiding kissing the winners and those who paid their subs, well anyone within a 100ft really – one small benefit of the Covid restrictions in place !!  The results were as follows:

Anniversary Trophy

18 holes stableford competition off full society handicaps-





Nigel Burnett



Kelvin Paterson



Brian Day


No Nearest the Pin/ Rope or Longest Drive competitions held due to Covid 19 restrictions and need to handle markers – hopefully, we can find a safe way to reintroduce these for future events

James – never shy to step up – deputises for Chris Buck for the Team Winners!

Team Stableford

Separated on back six count back only with identical totals and back 9 count back scores. The best two scores from the teams of three counted (adjusted for the team of four): –

WinnerChris Buck, Dereck Coppard & Nigel Burnett82 (B9CB 40 B6CB 28)
SecondKen Wapling, Kelvin Paterson, Brian Day & John Collingwood82 (B9CB 40 B6CB 25)
ThirdMicky Mann, Andrew Burnett & Frank Goulding72

Sadly, no comedy moment but an excellent shot out of trouble from Tim Gorringe all the same

Anorak moment of the report is the day saw 5 birdies including 2 twos.  This takes the seasons total to 29.

Tony Coggill10th  2 on the 148yd par 3 (SI 17)
Kelvin Paterson10th 2 on the 148yd par 3 (SI 17)
Alan Bigley11th4 on the 477yd par 5 (SI 5)
Micky Mann11th4 on the 477yd par 5 (SI 5)
Chris Buck18th 3 on the 291yd par 4 (SI 15)

The player of the year trophy is awarded at the end of the year to the player who has put together the best four stableford scores across the season (when totalled up).  The current standings with hopefully two months (December does not count) to go as follows: –

PlayerAppBest four s/f pts
LEFTLEY, Kevin7143
MANN. Michael7143
GALLIFANT, James6138
PATERSON, Kelvin6138
BUCK, Chris4135
BURNETT, Andrew6135
HOOLAHAN, Sandy5135
HUGHES, Mark5134
WILLIAMS, Andy5128
WATKISS, Jerry4124
BIGLEY, Alan5123
HOWROYD, David4123
BENNETT, Tom4121
SMITH, Steve5119
MEADOWS, Graham4114
MONTAGU, Rob4109
COGGILL, Tony4104

It clearly pays to be able to perm the best 4 from 7 rounds at the moment!

The next monthly meeting is for the GBH Trophy a pairs competition at Mannings Heath Golf Course on the 16th October – a bit of a treat for the society and a favorite of the Handicap Sec!! Full details as always nearer the time.