Mannings Heath cancelled

We have reluctantly decided to cancel Mannings Heath on Friday.
Although they are allowing trolleys today, the forecast for tonight is for heavy rain with further rain tomorrow night. Friday does actually look like its going to be fine but as the course in clearly still very wet they was no guarantee that the carry only policy might not be reintroduced. They also revealed there were 4 temporary greens in operation.
Weighing up all the above, the price we are paying and the risks of having a successful competition,  we have reluctantly decided to cancel the day. They have however, offered to carry over our deposit if we wish to rearrange, but that is something the committee will discuss over the coming days
Any payments will be held over for the our next meeting at Sweetwoods in April when I sincerely hope the weather will have finally settled down. If this is a problem please get in touch with our Hon Treasurer Andy Tippett who I’m sure will be absolutely delighted to hand back any cash – not!!


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