Last Chance Trophy 2020 – Dewlands Manor – Order of Play

It has been a very difficult year due to the Covid 19 pandemic but hopefully the light has appeared at the end of the tunnel with the roll-out of the vaccine commencing this week. As a golf society we have been very lucky with just the April & May (lockdown 1) and November (lockdown 2) fixtures being cancelled/ postponed.

Thus, the normal MGS festive traditions of Vice Captain Hughes wearing a turkey outfit to the golf, Tips having a row with the owner of the Middle House after the Christmas meal and Mrs Mann picking up the waif stray Handicap Secretary from the floor of the Rose & Crown (again!) and taking him home at 9pm ish will be sadly missed.

This year, it should also be unlikely that Mr Watkiss will accidentally walk home with the wrong coat on his back – beer goggles mean they all look the same. The unfortunate consequence of that occasion being that it had the true owner’s car and house keys in it – goes without saying the next morning was chaotic with Watkiss and Mann out playing golf when it was established what had happened and the true owner (Tips) wanted to drive home!!  Thinking about that though, the coat couldn't have been that snug on Jerry!

Anyway, this year we still intend to have a bit of fun but not in the usual format – instead it will be a straight 18 hole competition for the Last Chance Trophy with a side team competition and a few specialist events thrown in for good measure – see below

Venue:    Dewlands Manor Golf Course
East Sussex,

Telephone: 01892 852266

IMPORTANT : Please note we must strictly observe the Tier 2 protocols despite the vaccine starting to be rolled-out earlier this week across the country:-

1/ to wear face masks in all communal areas. Please bring a mask and some hand sanitiser!

2/ The second is the rule of 6. We must not gather in groups larger than 6. We are in part managing this by teeing off in a predominately three-ball format wherever we can.

We urge all society members to adhere to these rules and keep to the same playing group as much as possible. No presentation will be possible so please drop the completed cards in to the box in the car park once done and clutter off home.

Time:     Please stagger your arrival to be circa 15 mins before your tee time (8.15 to 9.15)

Format:   Bring your own tea/ coffee no food nor drink is being provided – however, a half-way cup of tea/ coffee can be obtained and paid for at the clubhouse time permitting.  Other than that we just have a straight 18 holes of golf to play.

Local Rules:

  1. Bunkers will be in play but the ball can be placed in the sand to get a decent lie with raking currently prohibited
  2. For trophy events players are normally asked to putt out, however in line with current guidance gimmies within 18 inches or so (putter grip) should be given.
  3. One team card will be provided and should be completed for all players in the team – just this card needs to be sent to the Hon Handicap Sec (ideally via the box at the end or via a photo sent from a mobile).  Please ensure all players are agreed before posting/sending.

NB: Normal winter rules apply on the fairway i.e. mark, clean and replace your ball within 3 inches. In addition, for any balls that plug in the rough they can be rolled out of the plug without penalty and without cleaning to become playable. Use common sense basically – in the case of James and Kelvin they might have to ask – bless them!!

Last Chance Trophy

An 18-hole stableford competition off full society handicaps with this prestigious trophy up for grabs.

Team Competition

The best 2 stableford scores from the teams of 3 count for this competition.  Usual adjustment for teams of four will be applied!

Specialist Holes

As it is Christmas, we are shaking up the specialist hole challenges.  We will be playing four as follows: -

Nearest the Pin in two: 4th Hole (par 4)

Nearest the Pin in one 6th Hole (Par 3)

Nearest the Pin in two: 14th Hole (par 4)

Nearest the Pin in three: 18th Hole (par 5) 

Please note we will try to ensure no player wins more than one of the above – which is easier said than done!

Order of play

Tee times start at 8.15 prompt - please be at the tee and ready to go 5 mins before your tee off time.  In addition please do your very best to keep up with the team in front and not aim to be just ahead of the group behind - Please do avoid slow play at all times – we should aim to complete our rounds comfortably within 4 hours. The order of play subject to last minute adjustments is as follows:-

Tee-time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8.15 & 10.30 Micky M (15) Chris B (20) Kevin L (16)  
8.25 & 10.40 Jerry W (15) Peter C (27) Mark H (18)  
8.35 & 10.50 John C (28) Ken W (24) Paul H (21)  
8.45 & 11.00 Andrew B (16) Nigel B (23) Andy W (18)  
8.55 & 11.10 Captain James (27) Will L (28) Rob M (28) Kelvin P (21)
9.05 & 11.20 Tips (24) David H (24) Alan D (10) Tom B (26)

We look forward to seeing you on Friday – hopefully the current wet weather forecast will improve as the day itself approaches.