Lamberhurst results

Chris Buck edges out Andrew Burnett on count back to win the monthly event at Lamberhurst with a hard earned 38 points.

A reasonable turnout of 15 on a day where we were blessed by a fantastic bright, warm and sunny day in September.  We welcomed another potential new member Mr Des Christian who ended his first round with the society with a well-earned birdie on the 18th Hole. The average stableford score for the day was the second lowest of the year to date 29.73.

We added a further competition on the day which may or may not feature at future meets.  The game starts with the group hitting balls onto the first green and placing their trolleys next to the second tee whilst they climb up and on to the green to putt out.  The players then return to the second tee to get ready for the next hole. The competition begins by John shouting “where is my trolley”.  The players then run around looking in all directions and to the horizon to spot his trolley or a clue to where it might be.  Tim “Bear Grylls” Gorringe was the first to spot a blade of grass out of place and was soon on to something staying up wind and tracking a feint trail across a tee, a fairway a green, a clearing, another fairway to a ditch and a hedge 600 yards away.  Tim and John then retrieve the trolley from the ditch with the putter cover still sitting proudly on top having not fallen off and we return to the second tee.  Tim is therefore declared the winner of this new “where is my trolley” competition.  Anyway, the golf results were as follows:

Individual Stableford

A tight competition with two fantastic scores with Andrew so close to victory but no cigar (one of the most consistent players this year).  On the other side of the coin is Mr Chris “Eeyore” Buck who never plays well at MGS events but somehow winning this month!

Place Player Score
Winner Chris Buck 38 (22 B9CB)
Second Andrew Burnett 38 (16 B9CB)
Third Alan Bigley 36


Winner: Mr Chris Buck pictured with Vice Skipper James Gallifant and runner up Mr Andrew Burnett

Nearest the Pin: Mr Alan Bond


Team Stableford

The best two scores from the teams of three counted: –

Place Team Score
Winner Andrew Burnett, Tom Bennett & Kevin Leftley 87
Second Chris Buck, James Gallifant & Ken Wapling 76
Third Alan Bigley, Andy Williams & Des Christian 74


Winner Nearest the Line:  John Collingwood (long and within 2 ft of the line) but probably helped by the fact you could not see the line from the tee box!

Winner Nearest the Pin:   Alan Bond – who was one of a select group who hit the green on this tricky short hole.


Stato/ Anorak part of the report

The day saw 9 birdies (taking the seasons total to 44): –

Player Hole Score
Andy Williams 1 3 on SI 13 par 4
Alan Bigley 2 3 on SI 15 par 4
Mark Hughes 2 3 on SI 15 par 4
Kevin Leftley 2 3 on SI 15 par 4
Andrew Burnett 8 3 on SI 5 par 4
Andrew Burnett 9 3 on SI 7 par 4
Alan Bigley 14 3 on SI 16 par 4
Alan Bond 17 2 on SI 10 par 3
Des Christian 18 3 on SI 18 par 4


We are moving towards the business end of the competition for Player of the Year Trophy (best 4 rounds of the year).  The standings are very close with two monthly events to play, weather permitting.  Two times winner John Collingwood at the top of the Leader Board but only just: –

Player App Best 4 rounds points total
BURNETT, Andrew 5 150
BIGLEY, Alan 7 146
BATCHELDER, Tony 4 146
BOND, Alan 5 143
WAPLING, Ken 5 140
WILLIAMS, Andy 5 140
GORRINGE, Tim 4 140
MANN. Michael 8 138
PATERSON, Kelvin 7 138
HOWROYD, David 6 138
LEFTLEY, Kevin 6 138
HUGHES, Mark 6 137
COPPARD, Dereck 4 136
BUCK, Chris 5 132
GALLIFANT, James 6 128
WATKISS, Jerry 5 126
TIPPETT, Andy 5 118


The next monthly meeting is at Manning’s Heath GC a top course on the 18th October.  Players will compete for the GBH Trophy. The GBH competition is now a well-established society staple and is a stableford pairs “better ball” competition with the teams being drawn out of a hat by the handicap secretary.