Kelvin Paterson wins the MGS Foundation Trophy with a superb points total of 45.

On a day with rain forecast throughout we really did get away with it – just the odd spot of rain here and there but dry and warm overall.  We had 21 players at this event with Frank and Kelvin eventually coming out of their winter hibernation and joining us at Sweetwoods.  The course was in very good condition allowing some heavy scoring to occur, for some anyway. The average stableford score for this event was 34.10 – comfortably the highest of the year so far. Kelvin edged out Rob Weavers by one shot and for any other event this year Rob would have taken the spoils by a couple of shots at least.  Kelvin’s round was notable for the eagle two on the par 4  9th hole followed up immeditely with a birdie on the 10th (11 points on two holes !!)  Also worthy of note was Tony Willmott who won both the nearest the pin in two competitions which in a field of 21 players is some achievement.

A big thank you to Captain Mr Biggers Bigley who organised the competitions and prizes for the day.   A good fun day was had by all on a course we should visit on a more regular basis.

MGS Foundation Trophy


This event was played off full society handicaps with all players “putting out” this being a silverware event:

Place Player Score
Winner Kelvin Paterson 45
Second Rob Weavers 44
Third Mark Hughes 40


NB: The handicap secretary scissors have been sharpened!!!!

Team Competition


Nice to see Stuart Bourne had brought his best frilly and colourful dancing shirt to the event having had a fake tan and chest wig applied.  He was confused and slightly perturbed, I might add, that the team event of “Cha Cha Cha darlings” was a golf game rather than an after-dinner event.  Jerry Watkiss had brought his best sequined dress – but we don’t talk about that as he brings it to most events!

The team event was the single best score counts on the first hole best two scores on the second and all three on the third.  One two three… two three etc.  Apparently, this is a Waltz rather than a Cha Cha Cha as all of us “strictly……..” views will know. Anyway, the winners were: -

Place Player Score
Winner David Howroyd, Graham Smith & Kelvin Paterson 89
Second Micky Mann, Rob Weavers & Rod Lunn 82
=Third Frank Goulding, Alan Bond & Peter Cudmore

Mark Hughes, Andrew Burnett & Phil Taylor

John Collingwood, Tony Willmott & Jerry Watkiss


 Nearest the Pin (5th, 7th & 17th holes)

  • 5th Hole winner was Rod Lunn (129-yard SI 18)
  • 7th Hole winner was Jerry Watkiss (173-yard SI 16)
  • 17th Hole winner was Alan Bigley (133-yard SI 17)



Nearest The Pin in Two (6th & 16th holes).

Tony Willmott being closest on both these holes – a fine achievement.

Eagles & Birdies

One Eagle and Ten Birdies on the day as follows: -

Player Hole  Score Yards & Stroke index
Micky Mann 4th 4 on the par 5 466 yds SI 2
Tony Willmott 6th 3 on the par 4 258 yds SI 14
Alan Bond 6th 3 on the par 4 258 yds SI 14
Kelvin Paterson 9th 2 on the par 4 435 Yds SI 4
Kelvin Paterson 10th 3 on the par 4 316 yds SI 9
Andrew Burnett 10th 3 on the par 4 316 yds SI 9
Stuart Bourne 16th 3 on the par 4 288 yds SI 15
Richard Hannam 16th 3 on the par 4 288 yds SI 15
John Collingwood 17th 2 on the par 3 117 yds SI 17
Alan Bigley 17th 2 on the par 3 117 yds SI 17
David Howroyd 18th 3 on the par 4 347 yds SI 7

Player of the Year standings:

The player of the year competition i.e awarded to the player with the best four stableford scores across the year is hotting up (current best 4 average below with 7 events played !!):-

Player Rounds played Best 4 average
HOWROYD, David 5 37.50
TAYLOR, Phil 6 37.25
HUGHES, Mark 5 36.50
BOURNE, Stuart 7 36.25
BIGLEY, Alan 7 35.75
SMITH, Graham 6 35.75
LUNN, Rod 7 34.75
WILLMOTT, Tony 6 34.75
WATKISS, Jerry 6 34.25
BURNETT, Andrew 5 34.00
MILLER, John 5 33.25
WEAVERS, Rob 5 33.00
GALLIFANT, James 5 32.50
COLLINGWOOD, John 4 31.75
MONTAGU, Rob 4 31.75
BUCK, Chris 5 31.50
MANN, Michael 5 31.50
LUCK, Simon 5 31.25
WILLIAMS, Andy 4 31.00
JENNER, Andrew 4 30.75
CARROLL, Joe 4 29.50
MEADOWS, Graham 4 28.75

Next society day

The societies next event is scheduled for THURSDAY 17th August at a society favourite Cooden Beach. This will be a popular event so do get the date in your diary and let’s hope for some more great weather.