Eastbourne Downs Draw


In line with government Covid 19 outbreak guidelines we should adopt the following practices (gratefully supplied by Mr Watkiss).  Our plan is to promote social distancing for all people, discouraging social interaction in the clubhouse and we will be looking for you to bring your own catering/ drinks for this event. Some ground rules for play:-

  • Arrive at the club in your golf gear, ready to tee off.
  • Keep a minimum distance of two metres, from your playing partners with no physical contact at any time (James please note)
  • We also recommend that members carry their own personal bottles of disinfectant with them in order to keep their hands disinfected whilst playing golf
  • All bunkers will be classified as GUR so as to save the need for members to handle bunker rakes during the course of their rounds.
  • We recommend that members do not use ballwashers (ohh err!).
  • No golfers are to remove or attend flag pins whilst playing golf.
  • Gimmies will be allowed within 18 inches (putter grip length or so) – common sense applies.


High on a plateau of the South Downs behind Beachy Head, the course of the Eastbourne Downs Golf Club occupies a glorious position looking over the town of Eastbourne. Southwards over the sea one sees far reaching views along the coastline and out into the English Channel, facing northwards there are superb views of the beautiful undulating downland.


Eastbourne Downs Golf Club,
East Dean Rd,
BN20 8ES

Telephone: 01323 720827

Time:   10 mins before your tee off which start at 11:30.

Format: Just 18 holes of golf bring your own food, drinks and snacks and clear off quickly home when your round is complete!!      

We have a good field of our 14 (plus a reserve) competing across two competitions as follows:

Mad March Jugs (Trophy Event)

The Mad March Jugs competition is a pairs Stableford competition usually played with a yellow ball counting double.  This year as a result of the Covid19 outbreak we will operate the competition differently.

Each player in a team of two should select odd or even.  I suggest then marking the ball with an “O” for odd or an “E” for even. The players should then use those balls on every hole (odd and even) until if/it is lost.  When a hole is completed the player marked as “o” should double their score on the odd numbered holes 1, 3, 5 etc only if they are still using their original ball (marked with a “o”).  If not using the “o” ball as it has been lost the score will revert to their standard stableford score for that hole i.e. it will not be doubled. The same will apply for the even player on holes 2, 4, 6 etc.

For this pairs competition the best stableford score on each hole will count.  NB: Player 1 might score 1 stableford points on the first hole (they are marked up as “o” still playing their original ball) so score doubles to 2 points.  Their partner plays a blinder and gets 3 points, they are marked as “e” so just their single score counts on that odd numbered hole. The team score would be 3 points on that hole. I hope that is clear!!

Individual Stableford

A secondary 18-hole stableford competition playing off full society handicaps will be played (the score will not include the doubling up element above).  Please just mark your normal “standard” stableford score on the cards which will be included in the player of the year competition at the end of the season.

Nearest the Pin & Longest Drive

Suggest we skip these as it involves society members handling a marker – Micky of course that would not apply as you as you get nowhere near the action on these specialist holes anyway

Order of play

Tee times start at 11.30 am please be ready and on tee 5 mins before your allotted time.  Friday’s order of play (subject to change) is as follows:-

Team 1

Team 2


Player A

Player B

Player A

Player B


Jerry W (16)

David H (22)

Mark H (17)

John C (25)


Micky M (15)

James G (28)

Andrew B (15)

Sandi H (22)


Kevin L (15)

Steve S (19)

Alan B (6)

Graham M (25)

I won’t be collecting cards at the end so please send me your scores electronically please  (ideally a scan of your card) or a note of your hole by hole scores please to ……


……….ideally by Sunday lunchtime please.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday. Please shout as early as possible should you not be able to make it we do have one reserve lined up.