Did the Captain Allan Bigley win the EuroMillions on Friday?

I only ask as after winning the Individual competition, the team competition, the Nearest the Pin competition and the Heads and Tales competition we suspect with that winning streak our esteemed captain would have bought a ticket and also win the EuroMillions draw on Friday evening – some winning streak!

After an early morning down pour and car wiper blades going ten to the dozen on the drive to Dale Hill we managed to get out on a wet course but the rain had stopped and we even had a sunny spell (allegedly)!!  We welcomed the Ex-Captain Fred Ablitt back as a guest after a few years improving his very tidy game.  The average score for the day was 27.56 (nearly 5 less than the previous months average) reflecting the tough conditions.  The bonus for many was the bacon, sausage and egg roll we were given although we had ordered just bacon. 

Individual Stableford Result

Congratulations goes to Alan Bigley who made par on all of the final eleven holes – that’s more pars than I have had all year. Well done to John, Stuart and Andrew for making it on to the rostrum as follows:-    

WinnerAlan Bigley35
SecondJohn Collingwood33
=Third Stuart Bourne & Andrew Burnett32

Team Competition Result 

A reasonably low scoring team event of the best three scores from the fourballs counting. The result was as follows:-

WinnersChris Buck, Kevin Leftley, Joe Carroll & Alan Bigley106
SecondFred Ablitt, Micky Mann, Peter Cudmore & Andrew Burnett99
ThirdDavid Howroyd, Rod Lunn, Will Lunn & Graham Smith95

Nearest the Pin in ONE (5th Hole 130 yards).   

  • Micky Mann with a nicely measured effort!

Nearest the pin in ONE (16th Hole 140 yards).   

  • Alan Bigley with a crisp shot off the tee to win this one.

Just two birdies on the day as follows: –

PlayerHole ScoreYards & Stroke index
Micky Mann7th   2 on the par 3175 yard (SI 16)
Chris Buck 8th   3 on the par 4350 yard (SI 12)

The societies next event is at The Nevill on the 19th May. Details will be out nearer the time so keep a keen eye out for them. Good luck to all those involved in The Spring Tour to Belgium leaving on the 7th May.