Dewlands results

Top of a good scoring day was the Honourable Secretary Mr David Howroyd with 44 points.

Although very wet under foot and a requirement to tee up for your second and third shots the sky above was calm, dry and relatively warm. Some interesting Christmas dress was sported by a number of players on the day!!  A high scoring round with the average being a very high 35.05.

The overall results were as follows with a very good round of golf played by David Howroyd to top the leader the board.

Individual Stableford for the Last Chance Trophy

The main event played off full society handicaps had the following outcome: –

WinnerDavid Howroyd44
SecondChris Buck42
=ThirdSteve Smith & Andy Tippett41

Team Stapleford Trophy

The best three from the four stableford scores counted.  The team of three were supplemented by a very front nine score from Frank Goulding and a disappointing back nine from the handicap secretary!!  The result was: –

WinnersMark Hughes, Kevin Leftley, Chris Buck & Micky Mann134
SecondDavid Howroyd, Jerry Watkiss, Rod Lunn, Tony Coggill126
ThirdGraham Meadows, Will Wakefield, Steve Smith (plus Frank & Micky)123

Nearest the Pin in three.  

After a last-minute fitness test Chris Buck wins this specialist event – circa 4 feet from the pin – but no birdie.

Nearest the Pin.    

Chris Buck again with a cracker again to circa 4 feet and again no birdie !!

Next year’s schedule is now on the website – please do mark up your diaries – noting some events are on a Thursday rather than a Friday next season!!  The Autumn Trophy will not be on the list as it is in pieces on the floor of the Middle House where butter fingers Tips left it after a very (not) moving speech.

Please do have a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

… and after the golf was over

We adjourned to the Middle House to enjoy the traditional festive lunch and AGM. The food was delicious even though yours truly couldn’t remember any of the courses he had ordered, but the general banter seemed to live up to expectations helped no doubt by the numerous bottles of wine that appeared.

A few reminders for those who might have forgotten what happened!!