Captains Day results

Tim Gorringe wins Captains day with the help of an eagle on stroke index 6 the 13that Seaford Head GC

The “Captains Fun Day” at Seaford Head saw 15 players, including two very welcome guests, Ash Head who was a society member for many years until recently along with Sally Williams the first guest to bring a caddie (Mr Andy Williams) with them to a monthly event.  We got away with the weather, which was dry, but this relatively short courses main defence is “the wind” which was strong and gusting this year and a real challenge. Indeed, only Tim Gorringe achieved 40+ stableford points which in some years would only see you appear in the top half of the leaderboard!  The average stableford score for the individual competition was still a respectful 33.60 (35.48 2018 & 37.6 in 2017!).

Captain Kelvin took his responsibilities very seriously and was seen sprinting around the course at times making a point to the Handicap Secretary who never stops looking at his stopwatch when Kelvin is playing. On a serious note the society wishes to thank Kelvin upfront for hosting this event and supplying some excellent prizes. You might also have heard him muttering that he won this event last year to whoever might listen, including the chef who wasn’t that interested to be honest when getting the pies out of the microwave.

Mr Mark Hughes had the excellent idea of switching the day around with the mornings weather forecast to be dry with rain on its way 2ish so if push came to shove the Freddie Jones Foundation Trophy would hopefully have been played for and won.

The Individual Stableford Competition.

Playing off full society handicaps the winner was Mr Tim Gorringe with a very impressive 41 points. The first eagle for over 4 years was achieved on the 13thwhen he chipped in for a 3 on this challenging  par 5. The hole with the great view of the seven sisters from the green which must be one of the best views on a golf course in the world – extra nice if you have just chipped in (I am told!!)

Thus, the result was as follows: -

Place Individual Score
Winner Tim Gorringe 41
Second Ash Head 39 (B9CB 23)
Third Dereck Coppard 39 (B9CB 21)


Team Stableford Competition

The usual best two stableford scores from teams of three counted in this competition. This was a seriously close competition with three teams tied on 85 with back nine count back only separating them: -


Place Team Members Score
Winners Andy Tippett, Ash Head & Tim Gorringe 85 (B9CB 47)
Second David Howroyd, Mark Hughes & Graham Meadows 85 (B9CB 45)
Third Ken Wapling, Dereck Coppard & John Collingwood 85 (B9CB 44)


This also raised the question of how does a team of three with the first and second place amongst their ranks not win this by a country mile – Andy Tippett was the other member need I say more – just joking!

The day was finished off with an eleven-hole Texas Scramble which saw both some fabulous and also tired golf at times.  The winners had a very good day with Mr Gorringe requesting a wheelbarrow was fetched from the greenkeepers hut so could put his prizes in it to get them safely to his car – it only took two trips !!

Place Team Members Score
Winners Andy Tippett, Ash Head & Tim Gorringe +1 (Level last three count back)
Second Kelvin Paterson , James Galifant & Kevin Leftley +1 (+1 last three count back


Winner Captains Choice Nearest the Pin (Hole 10th)

  • HCPS 1-18 : Mark Hughes
  • HCPS 19+ : Dereck Coppard

Winner Captains Choice Nearest the Pin in three (Hole 13th):

  • HCPS 1-18: Tim Gorringe (as mentioned above you can’t get much closer than in the hole)
  • HCPS 19+: Kelvin Paterson

 Winner Captains Choice Longest Drive (Hole 18th)

  • Micky Mannedging out Mr Leftley by a few feet with the luck of a decent bounce forward.

Eagles & Birdies on the day were achieved as follows taking the total to 36 for the year to date: -

Player Birdie
Micky Mann 3 on the par 4 2nd(SI 16)
Ken Wapling 3 on the par 4 8th (SI 13)
Dereck Coppard 3 on the par 4 8th (SI 13)
Tim Gorringe 3 on the par 5 13th(SI 6)
Micky Mann 4 on the par 5 18th(SI 8)



As we are getting towards the business end of the year, whatever that means. so I thought I would share the current standings. This award goes to the player with the best four rounds of the year.

Player Best 4 Total Average
COLLINGWOOD, John 151 37.75
BATCHELDER, Tony 146 36.50
BOND, Alan 143 35.75
BURNETT, Andrew 142 35.50
BIGLEY, Alan 139 34.75
WILLIAMS, Andy 139 34.75
PATERSON, Kelvin 138 34.50
HOWROYD, David 138 34.50
WAPLING, Ken 138 34.50
HUGHES, Mark 137 34.25
COPPARD, Dereck 136 34.00
MANN. Michael 135 33.75
LEFTLEY, Kevin 134 33.50
GALLIFANT, James 128 32.00
WATKISS, Jerry 126 31.50
TIPPETT, Andy 118 29.50
BUCK, Chris 114 28.50


Our next outing is at:

Venue: Lamberhurst Golf Club

Date: Friday 20thSeptember 2019