Captain’s Day results

Pat Layen with 41 points wins the Freddie Jones Foundation Cup on beautiful day hosted by our Captain Mr Jerry Watkiss.

Sixteen players turned out for Captain’s Day on a lovely Summer afternoon on a course in perfect condition.  To make things even better James Gallifant very generously bought everyone a well earned drink at the end of play to celebrate his 70th Birthday – thank you James.

Individual Stableford

With the Freddie Jones Trophy up for grabs the players knuckled down and scored well – the average stableford score for the day was a tad under 33 on a long and tricky course with some thick rough to contend with if you missed the fairways.  Some exceptionally good scoring is reflected in the table below :-

Place Individual Score
Winner Pat Layen 41
Second Mark Hughes 39
Third Paul Hillman 38


Winner Nearest the Pin Handicaps 0-19 (Hole 12th):  Mark Hughes – with a fine blow to within 12 inchs but unfortunately missed the putt!

Winner Nearest the Pin Handicaps 20+ (Hole 10th):  Peter Cudmore with a nice well placed shot over the front bunker that attracted so many balls on the day

Winner Nearest the Pin in two (par 4) Handicaps 0-19 (Hole 17th):  Carl Valentine – excellent two shots to within 12 ft

Winner Nearest the Pin in two (par 4) Handicaps 20+ (Hole 4th):  James Gallifant – A great drive followed by a shot that was initial short but bounced on the green leaving a 9 ft putt


Team Stableford Competition

The team stableford saw the pressure build as the best stableford score from the team of four counted on  holes 1-4  – then the two best stableford from 4 on holes 5-9, followed by the best three stableford scores from 4 on holes 10 to 13 and finally all players scores counting on the final 5 holes,  A very tight and fun competition with the following result:-

Place Team Members Score
Winners Mark Hughes, Pat Layen, Tom Bennett & Tim Gorringe 104
Second Chris Buck, Alan Bond, David Howroyd & Peter Cudmore 98
Third Jerry Watkiss, Carl Valentine, Micky Mann & James Gallifant 97
Fourth Ken Wapling, Brian Day, Brian Cheesmur, Paul Hillman 96


A big thank you goes to Jerry Watkiss for some fantastic prizes and for setting us up with a great day at his home course – very enjoyable.  Happy birthday to James Gallifant and a thank you James for the drinks – much appreciated.  Also as always a thank you to David Howroyd for organising the day and to Chris Buck for his help producing the cards for the day.

“Knob” of the day was also a hard fought contest with Micky Mann taking the lead when realising halfway down the first he still had his normal shoes on and had not changed in to his golfing pair !! However, this was topped by Carl Valentine who hit a good drive on the 18th leaving himself 240+ yards to the par 5 green.  He hit what Micky, Jerry, and James thought was a nice shot but he was not happy berating the shot for the whole walk towards the green telling us how awful it was.  At the green we saw his ball was a whole five feet from the flag with an eagle a possibility – “what a plumb” was the phrased used by his partners – he made birdie!!

Player of Year Trophy.  A number of players have played 4 rounds or more. The current standings with a long way to go are:

Player Best 4 round average
WAPLING, Ken 35.25
DAY,  Brian 34.75
LAYEN, Pat 33.25
HOWROYD, David 33.00
MANN, Michael 33.00
WATKISS, Jerry 32.75
HUGHES, Mark 32.00
COPPARD, Derek 31.50
PATERSON, Kelvin 31.25
BATCHELDER, Tony 31.00
TIPPETT, Andy 31.00
CHEESMUR, Brian 30.00
GALLIFANT, Jim 28.75

 Our next meeting is at Cooden Beach on the 21st July a firm favourite with the MGS membership.  The normal details will follow in due course but please book it in your diaries.