Andy Williams wins the Strokeplay Shield with John Collingwood taking the Stableford Shield with an unbelievable score of 49 points

On the hottest day of the year so far, a modest breeze kept the “feel” of the temperature at a nice, pleasant level. That breeze making one two try to hit the ball a little harder when playing in to the teeth of it with not always the desired result.  We had 20 players with 10 in each competition.  The average stableford score for this event was 33.00 which is the highest average score so far this season on nice golf course with each hole being different.  

Strokeplay Result

The strokeplay shield competition was fiercely fought with Andy Williams rising like cream in a bottle of milk to the top with a nett 70 (par 72) and being the only player outperforming their handicap in this competition.

WinnerAndy WilliamsNett 70 (-2)
SecondStuart BourneNett 73 (+1)
ThirdAlan Bigley/ Micky MannNett 74 (+2)

Stableford Result

The stableford shield was an exciting competition with Peter Cudmore and David Howroyd battling it out down the last few holes with Peter edging out David with his 43 points playing David’s 41.  The first players to join the 40+ club this year! However, that was not the end of the story with John Collingwood who really likes this course coming home in the final group with a staggering 49 points – the handicap secretary was quick to produce his red pen when he saw that score – see below.  Seriously, a fantastic round of golf from John. Worthy of note was Peter was miffed that I said he was well beaten in to second place at the last event, so I am really pleased to say he was even more well beaten in to second place this time!!!

WinnerJohn Collingwood49
SecondPeter Cudmore43
ThirdDavid Howroyd41

Team Competition Result

Ahhhh the less said the better about this one with the Handicap Sec making a right Horlicks of the results and the winners who were initially announced as Stuart, Andrew and Alan not being correct!! The wine had to be reclaimed and redistributed with Alan Bigley not letting go of his until he was wrestled to the floor and his grip loosened with a pound of butter.   The big clue the handicap sec missed is in the results above with John C scoring more than most teams on his own, not really but you get the point!!  The real winners were:-

WinnerGraham Meadows, Joe Carroll & John Collingwood92
SecondStuart Bourne, Andrew Burnett & Alan Bigley84 (B9CB 46)
ThirdDavid Howroyd, Peter Cudmore, Brian Cook & Simon Briggs84 (B9CB 44

Nearest the Pin (12th Hole 159 yards)

Peter Cudmore being one of a small number of players to get close to the green let alone the pin.  A very good shot from Peter taking this prize.

Nearest The Pin in Two (5th Hole 306 yards)

Steve Smith winning this one and getting very close with two cracking hits.


Seven birdies were achieved on the day as follows: –

PlayerHole ScoreYards & Stroke index
Alan Bond2nd4 on the par 5462 yds SI 12
Andy Williams2nd4 on the par 5462 yds SI 12
Micky Mann9th  3 on the par 4338 yds SI 10
Stuart Bourne10th4 on the par 5477 yds SI 11
Andrew Burnett10th4 on the par 5477 yds SI 11
Stuart Bourne16th2 on the par 3164 yds SI 15
Alan Bigley18th4 on the par 5482 yds SI 9

Early Days for the Player of the Year competition with those who have played 4 times or more below.  This competition looks at the four best rounds for each player across the calendar year (so the more you play the better the choice).  The very early runners and riders are as follows:- 

PlayerRoundsBest 4 total
WILLIAMS, Andy5142
CUDMORE, Peter4139
HUGHES, Mark6139
BIGLEY, Alan6135
LUNN, Rod 6132
MANN, Michael 6129
SMITH, Steve4124
BURNETT, Andrew4123
BURNETT, Nigel5123
MEADOWS, Graham5120
LEFTLEY, Kevin5119
CARROLL, Joe 5112

Random event on the day was this fox that wandered over to the third group out to ask for food – he saw the size of the handicap sec and thought he must have a pie in his bag to share – unfortunately he was wrong!!

The societies next event is scheduled for a THURSDAY the 18th August at the Weald of Kent GC. Let’s hope for some more great weather.