Additional explanation of the competition no-one understood from our Hon Captain!!

The Chimps, Camels and Dolphins game required teams to record how many times they hit a tree (chimps), ended up in a bunker (camels) and ended up in water (dolphins). A 20p fine was payable for each item, but the person who paid the fine was the last person who hit a tree, ended up in a bunker or in water. It is fair to say this was too complicated for some of the teams but 6 scorecards were collected with only 1 lost in translation. 

Nigel Burnett, Peter Cudmore and Alan Bond  13 🙊, 4 🐫 8 🤑= 25

Steve Smith,  Sandi Hoolahan, and Rod Lunn    4 🙊, 6 🐫          =10

Micky Mann, Chris Buck and Kevin Leftley       15 🙊, 5 🐫          =20

Andy Tippett,Tim Gorringe & James Gallifant    7 🙊, 5 🐫          =12

Carl Valentine, Mark Hughes and Phil Taylor      9 🙊, 5 🐫, 1🐬 =15

Alan Bigley, Simon Briggs, Andy Williams          13🙊, 2 🐫, 3 🐬 =18

Most notable were the 3 dolphins earned by Andy Williams, all of the short par 3 8th hole. Should have picked up surely?

The person that paid the biggest fine in total was Nigel Burnett with all their chimps, camels and no change.  He walked away with the magnum of Gran Reserva red wine.  We wait to hear whether the £5 was worth it!


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