A message from our illustrious captain

Alas this accursed Covid has devastated our programme for the year.  Both Dale Hill in April and Copthorne in May have been postponed until next year.  Certainly rumours abound that golf courses might be considered for opening if social distancing conditions can be met.  But then I’m often 100 yards or more away from my fellows down the fairways anyway!!  English Golf have come up with a plan for operating under the “distancing” requirements.  These include gimmies within a club handle length.  I can miss those!!  So let’s hope that we will be able to meet in June at Hever Castle, even if we have to wear deep sea divers gear!!

The committee met last night, via their computers, to discuss the results of the recent tour poll.  The poll returned requests for warmer weather, later starts and the like.  So, with the thought that Covid might still be affecting our decisions next year, we decided that a three day tour to Dorset (probably) would fit the bill.  We also decided the dates so that you could plan your holidays around the MGS tour!

The MGS tour next year will be:

Sunday 23 May to Tuesday 25 May.   

So, for those of you who like a few days away playing golf, please put these dates in your diaries.  Perhaps you could also let me know if you would like to join this tour. 

I do hope that you are all well.

Best wishes, James (El Capitano)